Me(et) the prodigious writer


I am Vignesh, an engineer-cum-business graduate and an IT professional based out of India.

My first blog was an accident. It was a penning down of one of my casual conversations with myself. Intriguingly, the conversion of my feelings into vocables gave me a sense of serenity. Rolling out my emotions into a mat of words seemed joyous. Since then, writing has become my way of opening up myself and my blog has become my best ever friend! Initially, I was writing only on the things that I felt strongly about, but over time, I began to add fictional content and poems as well. Hope you like my content and thanks for visiting my blog!

Nothing inspires me as much as connecting with fellow writers and readers. What about you?

12 thoughts on “Me(et) the prodigious writer

  1. These kinds of accidents are good ones and I like your style of writing. I paused blogging for four years and I felt, I have to come back now, I was missing this so much. 😊

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    1. Very true. I was surprised myself when I started a blog. And I know what you say. I created my blog 6 years back but until a couple of months ago, I never really published anything. Only lately I’ve started writing frequently and it feels so good. Glad you too started writing again! 🙂

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  2. I am celebrating one year of blogging this month. I agree that it can be a place of mental stress and enjoy at the same time for sharing with others. I prefer to think of it now as my MT (Me Time) as I read great poems like yours.

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