The Gift

This poem is written in response to the What do You See #87 challenge hosted by Sadje.

Here is the picture.

Homebound so far
Too young to be out
Delight fills the baby.
A ride in the stroller
Seeing the vast blue skies
Gaping at the huge multi-colored wall
For the first time, ever!

How sweet of momma to take me out’!
Too joyous to sit tight
It jerks and jumps in its stroller
Desperate to turn back

Wanting to look at its mother
As if to thank her,
As if to hug her,
As if to kiss her,
As if to tell her,
‘Momma, you are my best gift ever’


65 thoughts on “The Gift

            1. Oh. I don’t know how it works. But sorry to hear that.
              Nevertheless, you have amazing content, especially the poems I read 🙂 So I am sure you will start getting more followers soon 🙂
              Just keep writing. I just followed yours 🙂


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