Success may seem easy
But believe not.
Success I’ve tasted
That on the outside
May say I’m standing tall
On my own legs
Without any support
But buried deep inside
Invisible to the naked eyes
Rest my sacrifices
On which my success stands.

This post is supposed to be a response to the ”One Minute Fiction” hosted by Cranny but it’s not. It was supposed to be a story, a work of fiction but I got too excited and failed to read the rules properly. It was only after I finished writing, I read the rules and by then I was too lazy to come up with a new post 🙃 And my ego didn’t allow me to ditch the post without getting it published 🙈 Hence, this irrelevant post.

14 thoughts on “Success

    1. Thank you so much Garima 🙂
      That’s an interesting way of seeing it 😇 I didn’t think of it myself 🙂 That’s the beauty of poems, isn’t it? Stimulating the readers to expand their perceptions beyond what was actually meant 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hey! Just reaching out to let you know that you’ve been nominated for the Brainstorm Award:
    If your blog is award free, please disregard, I totally understand and am just taking this opportunity to show you how much I value your work. Much love and congratulations!!


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