Saturday six word story prompt – Beg

Image courtesy: Sushant Suresh

‘Stop!’, she begged
The rapists didn’t

Over the last few years, I have been coming across too many instances of women getting raped, some of whom get gangraped and brutally murdered. So I thought I will write something on the subject of rape. This story can be perceived in two ways.

  • As a one-off instance where a girl is begging the men who are gangraping her to let go of her.
  • As a universal plea from the female community to all the men who have already turned into rapists and to each of those men who is not yet a rapist but would turn into one anytime to never be involved in such a heinous crime.

This post is written in response to the Saturday six word story prompt hosted by Shweta.
Thank you for the prompt Shweta!

32 thoughts on “Saturday six word story prompt – Beg

  1. This is one topic that’s really important and needs to be addressed, not just in our country but across the globe. The urge of becoming better is making us worse day by day and one needs to revise their definition of a “better” person. Really nice work, Vignesh! It’s really nice of you to talk about this issue.

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    1. Absolutely. There needs to be a lot of awareness about the consequences it has on the victim. We also need stringent measures to prevent such events from happening.
      Thank you for your comments AB!


  2. Such a powerful hard-hitting tale. The worst part is that they get let off the hook with nothing more than a slap on their wrist. Thanks to the lockdown, we’re not hearing such cases anymore. But unfortunately, domestic violence and death resulting from that is abundant.

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    1. True. It’s baffling to see that even the Nirbhaya case took so many years to close, despite it receiving a nation-wide attention. The judicial system needs to be reformed on this aspect I suppose.

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  3. Rape isn’t just a male crime. A male friend of mine was a victim and he never recovered. I miss him every day


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