Saturday six word story prompt – Mistake

Image courtesy: Sushant Suresh

Past mistakes
Present ponders

Future shines

As imperfect human beings, we all make mistakes throughout our lives. It’s natural to make mistakes, but is it acceptable to repeat the same mistake(s)? I don’t think so.
A wise approach would be to look back at the mistakes we have made in the past, learn whatever lessons could be learnt from them and see to it that the same mistakes are never repeated. And that, I believe, holds the key to turning our future better and beautiful!

This post is written in response to the Saturday six word story prompt hosted by Shweta.
Thank you for the prompt Shweta!

40 thoughts on “Saturday six word story prompt – Mistake

  1. Wow! Such an insightful take. I completely agree with you. It’s okay to make mistakes as long you learn from them and don’t repeat them anymore. That is the key to making our future bright! Thanks for joining in, Vignesh 😃

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  2. Nice words. I think the future shines because of hope of wisdom, rather than the achievement of wisdom.

    Most of us make the same mistakes. Often we can’t see they’re mistakes and relate them to failure, or perceive the failure differently. And sometimes it’s just so hard to change that we make them even when we try to be better 🙂


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