Saturday six word story prompt – Seasons

Image courtesy: Sushant Suresh

Relentless seasons
Inconceivable dangers
Unflinching soldiers

Inspired by the Indian soldiers who have been stationed in the Siachen Glacier which is the highest battleground on earth. The temperature in the Siachen glacier in winters drops to below -60 degrees. There are also constant threats of avalanches, crevasses on the glacier, high-speed winds. Soldiers stationed in the area are affected by a range of fatal altitude related ailments like frost bites, hypoxia, hypothermia and white outs.

This post is written in response to the Saturday six word story prompt hosted by Shweta.
Thank you for the prompt Shweta!

37 thoughts on “Saturday six word story prompt – Seasons

  1. Another really powerful take! I really admire your ability to bring out such emotions with only a few words, it’s incredible. You’re doing a great job Vignesh, keep it up 👍

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