Dark House

Gloom in the air,
All over my lair.
Heart so frail,
In torment I wail.
Memories so strong,
None did I wrong.
Screams deep inside,
Abandoned pillow beside.
Walls echo her giggles,
Accentuate my struggles.
Quilt holds her scent,
In my heart a dent.
Teddy that she hugged,
Broods feeling snubbed.
Letters from her kindred,
Lies scattered unread.
Backyard that she admired,
Wonders where she retired.
Plants that she mothered,
Now fall withered.
Kitty that she petted,
Meows feeling gutted.
Violin that she plays,
Now untouched it lays.
Her phone that rings,
Now in silence it sings.
Her alarm that screams,
Lost its voice it seems.
I look out the window,
For my lost rainbow.
Heart beats bloodless,
Soul feels lifeless.
As the woman I crave,
Now sleeps in her grave.


65 thoughts on “Dark House

  1. Wow Vignesh, this is heartbreakingly beautiful. What a powerful piece. And your rhyming deserves a standing ovation, it totally adds such a wonderful flow! Incredibly well done 🖤🤗

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  2. This is exactly the kind of poem that I will never be able to mewrite. This was too good 😭❤. I loved the rhymes and the writing structure. It had so much depth to it, and this was just so heartfelt!!!!!
    Also, if you don’t mind me asking, is it fiction?


  3. congrats on a masterful wordsmithing piece! Couplets are my favourite form of poetry and this is seamless 🙂

    You take us on an emotional ride, revealing more as each line unfolds, lovely! It’s deeply sad but I feel that is due to your talent rather than a real loss, I hope 🙂

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  4. Damn, this gave me chills. This was really heartbreaking and sad. There were some really exceptional lines in there and you deserve a lot of credit for that rhyming scheme, it’s never easy. I even love the title and the picture you used for this. This felt a lot heavier in the end. Amazing, Vignesh! You’ve outdone yourself here.


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