Oceanic Love

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Underneath a canopy of the stars
We lay as if the world were ours

Blessed us the night sky so divine
Making us a couple on cloud nine
Deep in the waters a dolphin dove
As I and she felt lost forever in love

Pebbles and shells topped the sand
As we lay holding each other’s hand
The chilling beach breeze tickled us
A smile appeared on our faces thus
The rip-roaring waves came rushing
While love washed over us gushing
The greyish water flowed with grace
As I turned sideways to see her face

The smell of salt was near palpable
Even in the dark she was admirable
Afar from us rode some cruise ships
As I reached out to kiss her soft lips
From above a meteor began to drop
While we wished for the time to stop

The angels wished us a dreamy night
While we dozed off in the moon light.


24 thoughts on “Oceanic Love

  1. Your poem has a rhythm like the gentle waves of the ocean with shimmering light of the beautiful sentiment just like the moonlight, the rhymes make it soothingly musical – absolutely stunning beautiful poem!


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