Life lived king-size hithertoSeems poised to be turned upside down.A battle looks all but evitableFor worrying news is doing the roundsThe news that a new kitty is on its way.'Don't let that furry thing inside!Don't let it grab your territory!'It woof-woofs to itself restlessly.'Is there a way out of this battle?'A thought crosses its mind.'Maybe. … Continue reading War


This post is written in response to the Sunday Writing Prompt hosted by Sara The challenge for this week is to make us laugh using the prompt – THE NANNY Image from pixabay.com As old as a grannyBut the things to do are so manyAll because of the wretched kid's company!How she wishes that the rogue kid … Continue reading Nanny


Success may seem easyBut believe not. Success I've tastedThat on the outsideMay say I'm standing tallOn my own legsWithout any supportBut buried deep insideInvisible to the naked eyesRest my sacrificesOn which my success stands. This post is supposed to be a response to the ''One Minute Fiction'' hosted by Cranny but it's not. It was … Continue reading Success

The Gift

This poem is written in response to the What do You See #87 challenge hosted by Sadje. Here is the picture. Homebound so farToo young to be outDelight fills the baby.A ride in the strollerSeeing the vast blue skiesGaping at the huge multi-colored wallFor the first time, ever!'How sweet of momma to take me out'!Too joyous … Continue reading The Gift