My Little Ball of Fur
Shades of Black
My lightweight champion
Oceanic Love
Crushed Petals
Dark House
Betrothed – Tanka #4
Compatibility – Haiku
The Journey
The Gift
Flawless Me
Gloom – Haiku
Moon (Haiku Series)
The Titanic
Momma’s Letter
Hidden Darkness
Mine no More
Raging Fury
The Smile
Lock(ed) Down Love
And I am in love…
“I love you”, I said.


7 thoughts on “Poetry

              1. Well honestly I’ve been a busy bee with my last year of high school, haha! Glad you’re doing well.

                I also just published my very own book titled Teenage Chronicles, which centers around my emotions, reflections, and life learnings through teenagerhood. I would love it if you could buy a copy for the support since it’s also available on Amazon India 🇮🇳

                Would you like me to send you the link via email?

                Let me know!

                Warm regards,


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